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small wood

"There is a small wood near my art studio. I follow a barely visible track that leads to an arch in a high stone wall. Cross from the outside to the inside. My heart quietens. Scots Pine, Beech, Redwood crowd the canopy, saplings throng. There is chaos, abundance, death, life. I have work here. My work is to listen; to hear what asks to speak. To look; to see the wholeness of everything and the fragmentation. To feel in this Small Wood, which belongs utterly to itself, a sense of my own belonging."

First Light.JPG
O-Pan. Oil on Canvas. 78x92cm. £725.JPG
Returning Home Small WoodAndrea Turner & Tom Richardson
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First Light.JPG
August. HourglassAndrea Turner & Tom Richardson
00:00 / 03:49
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