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There’s a small wood near my art studio. A barely visible track that leads to an arch in a high stone wall. I cross the threshold. My heart quietens. Scots Pine, Beech, Redwood crowd the canopy, saplings throng. There is chaos, abundance, death, life. I have work here. My work is to listen; to hear what asks to speak. To look; to see the wholeness of everything and the fragmentation. To feel in this Small Wood, which belongs utterly to itself, a sense of my own belonging.


Quartz and Opal

I tread the chiselled marble land. Every twig a fork of snow, every leaf a spoon of light. The air smells of mountains.

At the burn, gallop of whisky-amber water falters on a spangled bank. I dip away. There is no singing. A sudden squall and high above, Pine-masts creak, flex like wheat. Roots hold firm: wind barred by every strut and keel of branch and trunk. I would crawl inside a hollow stump shawled in cobwebs and lichen until the thaw. My bones

are sleet.

Each Swan-white crystal,

plume of Goose-grey sky; Snowfall’s

quiet weight of grace.

For book festivals and poetry events, Small Wood is available as a complete performance comprising 12, monthly, Haibun and 3 original songs, all woven together with guitar instrumentals. Spoken text and song lyrics written and performed by Andrea Turner. Music adapted, composed and performed by award-winning musician Tom Richardson. There is also an option to include original paintings as part of the stage set.

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Audience Feedback: The delicate guitar, powerful voice, charged words and ethereal paintings all in one space create something really special. Callum.

Totally evoked all the natural elements of the wood, loved it. Jeff and Rachel.

Exquisitely beautiful. Judith W.

A gorgeous blend of poetry, music, and art. Andrea really took us on a spiritual, visual, and linguistic journey through the woods with her evocative poetry Loved it! Karen H.