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Tel: 07846048680 


1:1 Singing lessons are currently happening online on zoom










My vocal teaching comprises a mixture of Classical Vocal Technique and contemporary voice work learnt from outstanding teachers such as Nadine George- director of Voice Studio International in London, and great jazz singers: Fionna Duncan, Liane Carroll, Sheila Jordan,Tina May, Mark Murphy and more.


My work is holistic and takes into account the unique experience and individuality that each person brings, with a focus on good vocal health, excellent pitch, providing a solid ground for the voice using the body as a support, musicality, a free and relaxed singing style and great storytelling. All popular genres are taught including jazz, pop, folk and singer/songwriter.


Our voices carry the story of our lives and include all of our experience and understanding. Learning to sing and express ourselves freely and with confidence is a great and liberating journey and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share my knowledge with others.


  • Lessons usually last one hour (less for young singers) and are roughly 50% technique and 50% working on songs.

  • I am a  highly experienced teacher and performer, lessons are uniquely structured to suit each individual.

  • We work on: Posture, breath, vocal support, accurate pitch, opening up your full vocal range, interpretation of lyrics.

  • I can also help with confidence, performance, exam preparation.

  • All ages and all levels of singing experience are welcome, from complete beginners to experienced singers.


  • VOCAL WORKSHOPS - I can provide a variety of workshops including:

  • Vocal workshops for adults and young people of all levels from beginners to experienced.

  • Performance Practice for more experienced singers.

  • Singing in corporate settings for team building etc.

  • Singing for people living with dementia and their carers.

  • Singing for people living with breathing problems


  • JAZZ BAND HIRE - We provide professional entertainment for all occasions small to large, from a 2 to 6 piece band.

  • Available for Weddings, parties, public events etc. Please contact me with your requirements.