While my journey through Art has been quite direct, having discovered a great love of drawing at a young age which moved me through the school system and on into art college with a relative ease and clarity, my journey into music has been more meandering. Always alongside Art there was music: from singing along to pop songs in my teens, through a period of heavy rock head banging which somehow matured into a love of jazz by my early twenties, music has accompanied me.

During my time at Art College I engrossed myself in painting and music, listening to such great musicians as Nina Simone,
Miles Davis and John Coltrane. 'All Blues' and 'A Love Supreme' became the soundtrack to my life. I also got deep into soul, discovering people like Al Jarreau, Sly and the Family Stone and Luther Vandross. I listened and sang along to everything.

We played music too, most of my friends were (still are) musicians, constant jamming was our entertainment. I played flute, congas, percussion and sang, mostly not very well but with passion, love and enjoyment. Without being aware of it I was laying a musical foundation. After my daughter was born in 1993, finding myself too tired and short of time to paint, I joined a world music choir which opened my ears to vocal harmony and began to focus my interest on singing.

Following a move to Edinburgh in 1997, now with two young children, I uncovered a secret desire-to hang about smoky bars leaning on a piano, singing torch songs. Keen to follow this up I started going to some of the jazz open mic sessions and quickly found myself to be hopelessly unprepared and lacking any formal knowledge.

Determined to feel less of a fool I applied for a music foundation course at Stevenson College and found myself on their classical music course. I stayed for 2 years moving on to the Dip(HE) in music which they offered. During this time I gained a wealth of musical skills and was taught classical vocal technique and singing by members of Scottish Opera. By the time I left college I was a much better informed musician and ready to begin singing and teaching.For the past 17 years I have continued to sing and teach, all the time learning more about this craft.

I teach Classical Vocal Technique complemented by other teaching skills I have either learnt from some esteemed teachers I have had the priveledge of being taught by: such as Nadine George director of Voice Studio International in London- or have developed myself through experience and further study.
My focus is on excellent pitch, providing a solid ground for the voice using the body as a support, musicality, a free and relaxed singing stlye and great storytelling through interpretation of the lyric.
My work is holistic and takes into account the unique experience and individuality that each person brings.

I teach for all kinds of repertoire including jazz, music theatre, pop and folk and tailor my teaching to the needs of each individual.

My own singing has been mainly in the world of jazz, but recently I have been seeking to bring together Art and Music and am currently working on a new project which I hope will achieve this.The great mystery of singing for me is that I always feel as if I am beginning. The voice is so central, so unique to each person, our voices carry the story of our lives and include all of our experience and understanding. Learning to sing and express ourselves freely and with confidence is a great and liberating journey and as a singer and teacher I am constantly discovering and developing. I encourage everyone who feels a desire to sing to give it a go.

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