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The inspiration for my work is drawn from my life in Moray, from the presence of nature around me, from the people I meet, from the great life and history which fills this diverse and compelling part of Scotland.


I begin by immersing myself in the landscape, returning again and again to the woods, rivers and shore. Looking deeply and feeling myself in relationship with the land. I am then able to paint and write from the living memory of place. I find that working from memory allows freedom of interpretation, this enables my experience to live poetically within the paintings and be expressed through colour, mark and form. Poetic text is often included as part of the work, adding an additional layer of meaningful marks which become part of the painterly landscape.

1,Songlines-Earth,Watercolour, pigment and pencil,

Songlines-Earth, Watercolour, pigment and pencil on 640gms watercolour paper. 180x120cm